Christmas Mixtape: Best of the Rest

Every year, I pick 30 songs to represent the year in hip hop and R&B to make my Christmas Mixtape. It’s a fun task, but it’s also a challenge, sifting through hundreds of songs. I love my final track list, but so many great songs have to be cut out. This year, I decided to make a playlist with a 100 more tracks I liked. Enjoy!

Crimmalites: Christmas Mixtape 2018

I’m back once again with the hottest hip hop and R&B of 2018—the perfect soundtrack for your holiday turn up. Click below for the track list.

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The Christmas Mixtape 2017: Nuclear Winter Wonderland

It’s here! Please enjoy the next installment in my Christmas Mixtape series, my annual wrap-up of the best hip hop and R&B of the year.

Thanks as always to Abe Garcia and Tasha Johnson. And the Supreme Leader.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday, put your friends onto this mixtape, and don’t forget to duck and cover.

For cover art and detailed track list, click here.

Christmas Mixtape 2017 Drops Wednesday

Christmas Mixtape 2017 Nuclear Winter Wonderland Cover Art

Friends, the time is almost here. My mixtape of the best Hip Hop and R&B of 2017 arrives tomorrow. Cover artwork provided by the incomparable Abe Garcia. Hit the skip for the track list, and tell your friends! Read more

Pfired! Mixtape

A shout out to the heroine of the day, this is some (mostly) older stuff I threw together. Enjoy, share, and hit the skip for the track list.

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