The Christmas Mixtape 2013: Let It Snow

Christmas Mixtape 2013 CoverAnother year is past, and that means it’s time for another edition of the Chop Steak Christmas Mixtape.Thanks to everybody involved with this one: Abe Garcia, Tasha Johnson, CreSandra and Mic Flo. Check for “F.L.Y.: Forgetting Lost Youth” by Mic Flo, with production exclusively by your’s truly, this January.

Hit the skip to stream, download and see a track listing. And pass it on to your friends.

Happy holidays, everybody.

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Christmas Mixtape 2013: Artwork & Track Listing

Christmas Mixtape 2013 Cover

The Christmas Mixtape drops this Tuesday. Hope y’all are ready.

Hit the skip for the track list. Artwork courtesy of Abe Garcia.

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Mic Flo – Jettin’ (Produced by Chop Steak)

If you’re not one of the dozens who have heard yet, Fleezy Fleez and I are releasing an album in January, called FLY: Forgetting Lost Youth. There are a few versions of this track floating around out there, mixed by talented producers. Here’s mine.

Keep an eye out for more leaks in the next few weeks, as well as the infamous Christmas Mixtape, coming in December.

Yo Gotti – King Sh*t feat. T.I. (Chop Steak Remix)

Reeemix! Stream & download my remix of Yo Gotti’s new single, King Sh*t, featuring Mr. Tiny. Give me a shout in the comments, and pass it along to your friends!

Mr. Chop Goes To Hollywood: Christmas Mixtape 2012

Chop Steak Christmas Mixtape 2012 Animation

Ho ho, hoe. Apparently the threat of world annihilation was somewhat exaggerated and we’re all still here. So why not celebrate by listening to my very first mixtape release from my new home in Cali? Still the same Chop. Still the best hip hop and R&B of the year.

The mixtape features a special edition cover which was absolutely not just a vehicle for Abe Garcia to morph Ronald Reagan’s face into a bald eagle. It’s Christmas morning in America.

Track listing after the jump.

Download: Mr. Chop Goes To Hollywood: Christmas Mixtape 2012 (962)

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