Mic Flo – FLY: Forgetting Lost Youth Available Now

At long last it’s here! The album by Mic Flo—produced, mixed and mastered by Chop Steak—is available now! Here’s a free Spotify stream:

Also available for purchase via Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

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Mic Flo

Words like “grind” and “dedication” get thrown around often in hip-hop, but the perseverance to make it through medical school is another beast entirely. But long before the clinical rotations, Mike Richardson MD also developed his other passion, MC’ing, in Austin, Texas. At first glance, the two seem miles apart, but Mic Flo has successfully found a way to meld them. Listeners won’t confuse his rhymes for an anatomy textbook. But all aspects of his life, including his 9 to 5, influence his clever rhyme style. Now based out of Ohio, Mic Flo anticipates his second full-length release, FLY: Forgetting Lost Youth.

Along with rapper/producer, Alpha 20/20, Mic released 2005 LP Mike & Ike. He also has numerous collaborations and live performances under his belt. To acknowledge their contribution to the city’s arts & culture, the mayor of Austin declared each June 5th “Mike & Ike Day.”

Chop Steak

Chop loved Austin, and he loved the music scene there. That’s why he found so many ways to participate. At various times, he was music journalist, college radio host, and DJ. He also took his performance background and taught himself to produce hip-hop and R&B tracks. But he ultimately decided Austin’s lack of palm trees was a problem. So he packed up his Carnicería studio, and headed west to Los Angeles in 2012.

Over the years, he’s produced for Texas artists including Mike & Ike, Crew54 and The League of Extraordinary G’z. He’s also released beat tapes and dozens of DJ mixes, including his annual best-of Christmas Mixtape. FLY will be the first full-length album he’s produced entirely.


At its core, FLY is an album about growing up—and all the struggles and contradictions, the discoveries and ridiculousness, that go with it. Recorded in a year when Mic Flo visited Russia, Haiti, Israel, Palestine, Malawi and Mexico, it reflects the inspiration his travels gave him. Along with a cast of guests that include Texas rappers Hero, Rad, Prime Example and long-time partner-in-crime, 20/20, Mic delivers stories, reflections and punch-lines. LA’s Chop Steak gives him a rich background of sounds that fuse southern and west coast hip hop influences.

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