Mic Flo – FLY: Cover Art & Track List

Mic Flo FLY Forgetting Lost Youth Cover

If you caught this year’s Christmas Mixtape, you heard “Spasiba,” a track from the forthcoming album from Fleezy Fleez and me: FLY: Forgetting Lost Youth. Before then, we dropped the track “Jettin’.”

But even if you’re late to the party, welcome. FLY drops next Tuesday (Jan. 21) on Spotify, Amazon MP3 and iTunes. You should definitely check it out then, but in the meantime, here’s some more free stuff.

First up, peep the cover art, courtesy of Abe Garcia.

Mic Flo FLY Forgetting Lost Youth CoverBut wait, there’s more! Hit the skip for the official track list.

Track List

  1. My Mom’s Car
  2. Youth f. Prime Example
  3. Free Speech f. Alpha 20/20
  4. Ig’nant f. Hero
  5. Jettin’
  6. Time Flies (Moment-Um)
  7. Spasiba (Thankful)
  8. Fly Society f. Alpha 20/20 & Rad
  9. Anything
  10. The O.N.E.

So friends:

Give the album a listen when it drops on Tuesday. It’s free to stream on Spotify and for sale on Amazon and iTunes. Share it with your friends, and get this Fleezy and Chop movement moving.

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